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 Why It Matters?

- The most prevalent ocular surface manifestation found within COVID-19 samples is conjunctivitis (Inomata et al., 2020). 

- Various forms have been found including follicular conjunctivitis (Aggarwal, et al., 2020) keratoconjunctivitis (Cheema et al., 2020), bilateral (Salducci et al., 2020), and unilateral (Sindhuja et al., 2020; Guo et al., 2020).

- Research shows that pathological ocular surface changes occur at the onset of COVID-19 infection at the cellular and tissue level even if ocular manifestations remain at a subclinical level.

- These ocular surface manifestations can be detectible by AiZtech's deep learning engine and used in screening and surveillance testing for COVID-19 infections. This novel modality compliment is to compliment available tools to bend the curve of infections and enable everyone to live a life unlimited by a pandemic. 


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