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Welcome to my story...


I am Sri.


I am a

Senior Data Scientist @ AiZtech

I have a PhD in Machine Learning and High-Speed Dynamic Data Streams from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

I describe myself as passionate, analytical, and hardworking. 

I love traveling, adventures, and gardening, especially growing vegetables and fruits.


My Story Starts

With Why?

COVID-19 is a crisis for the public and government equally. It's rarely explored to be solved with advanced technologies like AI and computer vision. Helping address this crisis would have an impact on the lives of millions. It is also a great learning experience for me as it has significant technical challenges. It feels so satisfying to have a chance to help millions of people, especially during a pandemic. That's why I'm so excited about this project. 


My research background helps me add value to the team through abnormality detection techniques to amplify minority patterns and whenever possible, deployment of online machine learning models as opposed to static models that are memory and computationally intensive.

Our work has the potential to refine COVID-19 testing processes to identify positive cases as early as possible enabling safer, quicker returns to normal. That's why I'm so motivated about it.  

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Image by Anna Pelzer

I directly did my Ph.D. without doing a master's given my BSc. Hons. in first class.  

I do not play table tennis well although it is the national sport for AiZtech. 

It's a special moment when I harvest vegetables form my own garden.  For one whole year, we had all our needs of  tomato, silver beet and pepper; all from our small garden bed.

Fun facts about me...

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