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Effective date: February 8, 2023

Our Privacy Commitment

Because people and health are our business at AiZtech, privacy matters.  AiZtech respects the privacy of its users, and other individuals with whom AiZtech has business interactions.   We respect your privacy when:


  • We offer privacy notices that explain how and why we handle personal information.

  • Where appropriate, we respect your choices about our collection, use and sharing of information.

  • We collect, use and retain only personal information that is relevant and useful to our provision of our services.

  • We use reasonable efforts to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date.

  • We use information security safeguards to protect personal information.

  • We limit access to and disclosure of personal information. 

  • We retain personal information as needed to fulfill our legal obligations (such as those required by applicable legislation), or business obligations (if your access is being provided by a business, then as directed by them),  or generally to provide you with services. It will be deleted immediately on processing of a data deletion request, or within 24 months of account inactivity, unless you allow us to retain it longer for specified purposes you have consented to.

  • Where appropriate, we offer you the ability to view and update the information we have about you.

  • We provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and register complaints about privacy.


Our Website

We are committed to respecting your right to privacy and will protect it when you visit our website. This section of the Privacy Policy explains our online information practices only, including how we collect and use your personal information. It covers information collected on this website only.


Information Stored and Collected Automatically

As with most websites is hosted by our hosting provider. They collect limited information about site visits to This information is used to measure the number of users that visit various sections of the site so we can see what visitors find useful, and to detect any site problems.

We do not share or sell visitor data for the purpose of advertising, marketing, or any other commercial purposes. The information is not used for association with any individual users.

The information that may be collected concerning your visit includes:

  • The name of the domain (internet provider) from which you access the Internet.

  • The date and time of your visit.

  • The pages you visited.

  • The address of the website you came from if they linked to our website directly.


Cookies: when you visit a website it may generate a small piece of text known as a cookie that is stored in your browser. This allows the organization to keep track of what pages you are on, and other specific information about your visit and how you used the site, to ensure the best experience and that things don’t break while visiting the website.

There are two types of cookies that we use – essential single session cookies like the ones described above to ensure the website is functional, they are temporary and disappear when you leave the website. Multi-session (persistent) cookies, these are stored in your browser for longer periods. These are used to recognize you if you visit our site in the future, and for us to derive information about how people use the website, and to collect statistical information about site usage so we can improve it. We obtain this information through the Google Analytics service. We do not enable the Google Analytics Advertising Features. You can use your browser to prevent acceptance of these type of (third party) cookies, the website will still function without them. A limited number of AiZtech employees will have access to the information generated.

Many other websites frequently include cookies from third parties that may be used for advertising or profiling purposes – AiZtech does not use any of these types of third-party cookies (and so we don’t use a Cookie Consent function).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyze how visitors to AiZtech use our website. Google Analytics does not receive information from AiZtech related to your user name, and your IP address is truncated by Google Analytics. Data in Google Analytics can only be viewed in aggregated fashion, and cannot be tied to individual users. Learn more Google Analytics and privacy from You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking via

Information You Supply Voluntarily

If you use email to communicate with us (such as to communicate with the Privacy Office as below), then of course we can read anything you put in the email. Please do not put anything in the email that you would not like to share with us.

When you use our Testing applications then you will need to register some basic identity information with us so that we can communicate with you if needed, and to track your testing history so that we can advise you on things like the recommended Testing intervals etc. Again, we do not use this information for any marketing, advertising and similar purposes.

We do ask you for your consent to use the information when you enroll into one of the Testing programs and ask you to confirm that you have read and understood the policy; congratulations you have read this far through the policy, so you obviously care about your personal information!


Secondary Uses

If there are any secondary uses we would like to make of the data you supply to us we will describe these at the time we collect it, and give you the option to opt-out of it.

At the moment the only secondary use identified is regarding the photographs of your face and other features that we use for Testing. By default we store these for six months. However, to help us develop new testing systems for new we need a large sample of eye data to train the system, you may voluntarily give us consent to use the photos previously taken for this purpose. It will really help us develop useful Tests for other conditions. We may email you information regarding the outcome of these tests, however please note, in the same way the Covid i-Selfie test provides predictive information that you should follow-up on with a medical practitioner for further advice, the tests are not a medical diagnosis.  

Again, we will not share or make any other uses of the data beyond what is described, and that you have consented to. Generally, computer applications will be using the information not people, where it is necessary (e.g. for medical practitioners to help train systems) then this will be limited to specific individuals. As it is for all information all our data is held securely encrypted.

If you don’t provide us with the basic information above, we can’t do a Test. If you choose not to consent to secondary uses, we can still provide the Testing.

Children and Privacy

We do not maintain any information specifically for children in our systems. Testing may not provide an accurate result for children under a specific age anyway. Also, some countries have specific laws concerning collection of information about children (e.g. in the USA the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) governs information gathered online from, or about, children under the age of 13). We do not solicit information of any kind from children under the age of 13. Please DO NOT SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION REGARDING CHILDREN. We cannot be held liable should you ignore this.


Location of Your Data

AiZtech is hosted in major instances of the leading “cloud hosting” providers in different parts of the world closest to our users in that area. We may not always have one in your specific country which means that it may be in the nearest instance to you. We keep all our data encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. However, please note that local laws may apply to it. We believe it is unlikely that this information would be the subject of local official access requests. If this concerns you, please contact the privacy office and we can provide more information as to where your data is being hosted. Also note that we do not authenticate the identity information you provide to us as being valid (beyond sending you a test email to indicate that you did register with us).


Questions about Privacy

If you have privacy questions, comments, would like to know what information we have about you, wish to make corrections, wish to erase your data, or make complaints regarding this policy and its application please email us at Note that if you are not happy with our response please tell us why and we will endeavor to fix things, if we are not able to do this to our mutual agreement you may escalate the matter to your local Privacy Regulator. However, please address things with our Privacy Office first so we can deal with things expediently.

Policy Changes

Should any elements of this Policy change we will notify you by email and update the text here accordingly.

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