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Our Work

The Code

As we develop novel AI solutions, we face new ethical questions.

5 principles guide us from discovery to delivery of new AI technologies. It is a core

element of who we are. It is our code. We commit ourselves to adhering to stick to each principle of the code. This will ensure we deliver novel technologies with an ethical, sustainable impact on the lives of our customers. By doing so we sustain a competitive moat.  We earn our right to exist.

Image by Ben Sweet

Principle #01

Human @ the Core

We commit ourselves to the development processes of new technology solutions that will keep the benefit of the human end-user as the core and foremost benefit. 

We commit to designing review processes that
maintain human at the core as a founding principle.

Principle # 02

Bias Avoidance

We commit ourselves to develop prediction systems – where needed – that treat all humans on equal terms. No one is more equal than others. We commit ourselves to continuously assessing the impact of predictions made by our systems, where possible, and monitor bias or incorrect predictions in development and production to avoid and/or minimize their impact in the next releases. 


Principle #03

Trust by Design

Image by Dan Nelson

We commit ourselves to respect and cherish the trust and data privacy of the end users by embedding it in the design process of our technology. Under no circumstances will we collect, store or share personally identifiable information of our users unless their informed, positive consent has been obtained. We offer Privacy by Default, wherein we proactively embed privacy-protective measures into the design of our operations, building trust and avoiding any unauthorized uses of personally identifiable data. We will continuously improve the explain- ability of our technology solutions making it easily understandable for end users to make an informed decision about trusting our solutions. 

Principle #04

Ethical Use case

We commit ourselves to build and communicate processes that protect and handle the improper use of our technology solutions. That is particularly related to the use of our technology in any products or services promoting politics, pornography, or human harming substances like alcohol or addictives. We commit ourselves to consciously deploying our technology solutions in ethical use cases as permitted by current laws and not exploiting legal loopholes if current legislations are yet to catch up with the advancement in technology. 

Analyzing Graphs
Touchscreen Computer

Principle #05

Risk Transparency

We commit ourselves to develop and improve infrastructures that ensure the security and integrity of the data and systems processing it. We commit ourselves to be transparent, proactive, and protective about data risks, breaches or tampering and work collectively with the end-users to minimize the impact of such incidents when they take place. 

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